many things make a post
qotd, only one so far

actual knitting content, one for me

I've made a few Vintage Velvet scarves, all of which went to other people. When I noticed that Jimmy Beans Wool had Muench Touch Me on super-duper sale, I decided to make one for me. Finally.


(The Teen served as a model. She was unwilling. So it goes.)

I love, love, love this yarn because it's buttery soft and, given the wool core, can be machine washed, which tightens it up a bit. It will really come alive once it has been worn a few billion times and fluffs back up again. 

For now, though, it goes into the "pull it out in the fall" bin. Although, given how cool and damp this summer has been so far ....


(tongue-in-cheek!) It's all your fault - I fell down & had to order some Touch Me. . . .. . .

It is wonderful, wonderful stuff. I want a blanket out of it, frankly.

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