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off to the Shore

We've spent the last few days in Southern New Jersey with friends from college who now live there. It's become something of an annual trek

Part of the tradition involves a trip to Ocean City with our combined offspring:


New this year was the ability to send the young ones* off on their own, armed with little more than a cell phone and their wits. They made it back to the pre-determined meeting place unharmed and 15-minutes early so we're calling it a win. This whole kids getting older thing is both awesome and terrifying. 

Oh, and while at the Shore, I saw these:


They're on sale, btw.

Other than that, there was lounging and board games:


This one takes place in a Spaghetti Western. Fun -- but needs more than four people for best results. 

We also went to see the Cumberland Players production of Company, which is one of the Sondheim's that really didn't age well. Still, there were some good performances, not the least of which was turned in by Joe, who is the husband-half of the friends we were visiting with.

Oh -- and our friends have a new puppy. 


His name is Simon. He's a four-month old Keeshond. He's very cute, like all puppies, and has nearly no manners, also like all puppies. 


Here's the pack -- Sasha, who's 8, Simon, and HRH Lucy -- getting a refresher on sitting from Heidi. 

Our Lucy and Their Simon had big fun romping and rolling and jumping and growling and tugging and chasing. Since we got back last night, Lucy has more or less looked like this, just in different places in the house:



* not The Young Ones, mind


Always a pleasure to hang with you guys. One of these days we will venture your direction.

I'm kinda relieved to hear you say that about Company. I saw the Neil Patrick Harris production on PBS and something felt a bit off.

Also - you should totally convince the kids to go as The Young Ones for Halloween. I could picture The Boy as any one of them.

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