many things make a post
this all happened because I love tacos

qotd + shameless self promotion

"The first rule of Parenting from the Couch is not to talk about Parenting from the Couch. Whatever you do, do not to tell anyone judgy about this. (You know, that perky friend down the street who does crafts with the kids with sincere happiness? Yah. Not her.) They will not get it and will fill you with endless stories of how they love spending time with the kids. They will make you feel like a complete jerk, a total ingrate, that you long to escape your children. We all know the "Cat's in the Cradle" song, but that guy's dad was an asshole. He didn't spend any time with his kids, so screw him."

-- On Parenting from the Couch.

And in other news, Martini Friday is up! Unlike the actual Martini, who'd much rather remain in bed.


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