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wedding day


So we're back from the great state o' Maine. The race didn't go as hoped, which is a long story for later in the week. Still we had a great time with friends from college who live near Bath and did all sorts of Maine-y things. Lobsters were involved. Even the dog got one:


I'm trying to find what few bearings I have. I'll check back in soon....


Hi Adrienne,
I have been reading your blog for years - ever since reading Hillbilly Gothic :)...I hail from Johnson City and now live about 1/2 a mile from the start line of the Old Port race. I thought of you this weekend as it was so damn hot here to be running. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your time in ME despite the challenging race.
Keep writing. Love your words

Tori -

Thanks so much! It was so damn hot -- but I don't hold Portland responsible. I love Maine no matter what and will be back.

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