this all happened because I love tacos
baby steps

many things make a post

* For all of the other Hitchhiker's fans....

* Gamifying the vagina.

* You really should be watching this show.

* Tea art, which is almost a palindrome but not quite.

* On the appeal of doing hard things.

* Something about this tickles me more than I could possibly describe.

* Fieldwork Fail.

* What does Jiggery Pokery smell like?

* Golf is a much stranger game than I'd imagined.

* How to love running -- or any sport.

* Earn it. Matt Walsh hits on something that has long driven me nuts about that quote.


"What Hard Things Teach Us" and the "at my worst" articles were very good. Another reason I like to do difficult physical things (as much as I can with my limitations) is for the shower and food afterwards! Nothing ever has felt so great!

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