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many things make a post

* This show is perhaps the closest a TV show has ever come to really capturing what it's like to work in theater.

* #thisistheface

* Warren G. Harding also used the White House coat room for sexy-times.

* Your brain is a dishwasher.

* Such a tough story. Still so important. And will likely get worse before it gets better.

* The donut of despair.

* "Clandestine acts of decoration."

* My daughter has Celiac. Yes, she had it before gluten free eating was cool.

* Even obstetricians struggle with what makes a "good mother."

* To the Teenage Girls at the Swimming Pool.

* Your life in weeks.

* Now that Jon Stewart is gone, Matt Taibbi might be who keeps me off of the ledge.

* I love this.


I like the new format. Don't let me forget to give you the article on Celiac from the WSJ. And, I have watched "Slings and Arrows" several times thanks to you.

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