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many things make a post

* Let's hear it for boring marriages!

* He really was a dirtbag.

* Yum?

* For reasons involving a cross-country move, a toddler, a fragile psychological state, and sleep deprivation when it actually happened, I've realized that I have zero memory about the finer points of what happened in New Orleans after Katrina. Like this maddening story.

* I want to go there.

* After the first paragraph, I was a kid again, and not in a good way.

* Speaking of kids, taking our oldest to visit one of my ancestral homelands will be easier than anticipated.

* On being a widow .


1 - Thanks for the link!
2 - Loving the redesign.
3 - I still wish my parents had divorced. I guess the grass isn't green on either side of the fence.
4 - I knew people used to eat rose flavored stuff all the time, but I had no idea about ambergris. Ew.
5 - I believe that if we discover life under the ice on Europa, the super rich will start eating it. Now I'm thinking it will start with space ambergris.
6 - I'm fuzzy on some Katrina details too. I know what I can handle, and hours of human misery that I can't fix ain't it.

5 - They will either want to eat it or have sex with it.

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