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"Dr. MacMillan had had a hard struggle with the breech baby, and when that was safe, with the mother, who seemed obstinately set upon dying. It was nine o'clock before she was satisfied that they both intended to stay, and she could go upstairs for a bath, a cup of strong coffee and an hour's sleep before the day's work began."

-- Kerry Greenwood, Cocaine Blues, a Phryne Fisher Mystery, which aren't the most ground-breaking books or TV series around but are so blessedly comforting when the day has been long that it's impossible to give them up, nor should you have to.

And in the shameless promo dept., this week's Martini Friday is up!


This sounds like my kind of book! Loved swilling the Friday Martini, too. Finally ran today -- first time in a couple of weeks --and was so, so happy to have a dry, 60-degree day. Now that summer craziness is just about behind us, how 'bout we schedule a tandem run or two in the near future?

I agree. I've worked my way through most of the books during the summer. I'm halfway through the series as well.

Season three is available on YouTube. One of my co-workers told me. I might try the books as well, though.

Season three is available on YouTube, a co-worker told me. I might try the books too.

I discovered the books last winter and was overjoyed that there are 20. They are, as you said, perfect at the end of a long day.

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