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toilet candy

On Tuesday, the kids went back to school, praise all the beasts and fishes. I did the thing a parent does, which is take pictures before they walked out the door:


The Boy, whose enthusiasm about returning to the classroom can be easily gauged based on this snapshot.


And The Teen, who cut a lot of hair off a couple of weeks ago and suddenly looks all grown up. 

But this isn't really about that.

For the Teen's birthday this year, I got her a subscription to Japan Crate because she's all about kawaii and sugar. It's a thrill (for all of us, frankly) to open it each month, mostly because there are always a few items that make our American-centric brains ties themselves in knots. Like this:


Based on the picture on the box, what flavor would you guess this is? (No fair answering if you actually know what flavor this is.)

And then there's this:


It's toilet candy. In the box is a plastic toilet, whose upper tank you fill with water. There's a powder you sprinkle in the bowl. Then you flush and foam overflows -- unless you used the enclosed straw to suck it out of the potty before it winds up everywhere. 

Yeah. I got nothin'. 


Buttercream frosting flavor?

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