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This is the first weekend I've had free in months.* I've celebrated by doing wacky things like baking bread


and making sauce. 

I also bought a significant number of apples, because I live in New York State where the apples are divine:


Macoun's are my favorite.

Today's grand plan, given that I have it off, included such fun activities as cleaning the house and culling the freezer. And then I looked outside. It's one of those glorious fall days that you know will soon pass. So I said screw the freezer, packed kids and dog in the car, and went for a hike.

Said kids and dog:


You can't get tired of this view:


Apparently the hike wore them out:


What I didn't get a picture of was Lucy celebrating the end of the hike by going for a swim in the pond, which meant a bath was in order when we got home. Good thing I'd cleaned the bathroom before we left.**

Now I'll tackle the freezer...


* It feels like months, anyway. Might only be a few weeks. I have problems with gauging time.

** and now need to clean it again.


Stunning view. Oh how I miss hills.

What a wonderful day! The only time we see scenery like that in Louisiana is when we watch "The Trouble with Harry," which we do the first cool weekend, which should happen any minute now. I would love to have seen Lucy. Will she sleep the rest of the day now?

Beautiful bread! (and apples, and fall leaves)

Smart move to take advantage of the weather while it lasts. We're inching closer to fall here though there seems to be resistance. I'm ready!

What's great about that park is that it's usually pretty empty so I can let Lucy off-leash. She's pretty good about coming when called -- unless there is someone nearby who might have a snack in his or her pocket. At that point, all bets are off.

She was pretty mellow for the rest of the afternoon and evening, though was super perky when I was making dinner in the hopes that something might hit the floor. Then she went back to napping.

It was a great fall day and I'm so glad that I made the call to take advantage of it.

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