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I'm in a Cookbook Club at my library and I want to recommend it to everyone who lives near Adrienne. Start one! It's a great way to try out a cookbook, to try new cuisines, to explore your area to find out just where the exotic ingredients are hiding. I know I'm not saying anything that isn't covered in the article, but I'm amazed at how similar my experience is to the author's--right down to the fact that Fucshia Dunlop's Every Grain of Rice is now in my kitchen! The only difference is the wider variety of people in the club because it is a program of our public library. Anyway, sign up! It'll be fun.

Oooh! Yes. Yes yes yes. We have many cookbooks on our shelves (including "Plenty") that I would love to delve into. And, you know, socializing with other adults outside of work hours sounds pretty dreamy, too.

I used to be in a dinner club, which works the same way except we cooked around a theme instead of one book. It petered out after a while, as these things do. Maybe if the migraine sitch improves, I'll see if there's one in my hood. Which does you no good, but thanks for the inspiration.

Count me in!

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