shameless self promotion: part 347 in a series


I really need to work on #6. We have so much stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff. More stuff all the time. At some point, I need to quit saying I'm going to keep something "just in case" and I need to quit getting new stuff because "wouldn't it be nice." The clothes that haven't fit me in three years really ought to be the first burden I relieve myself of. We got rid of SO much stuff 18 months ago when we moved, but there's so much more that could also go away and none of us would miss it. (and think of all the room it would free up for more board games and Christmas decorations)

Right? It's so much easier to get rid of stuff when you focus on what the lack of that stuff will do to improve your life.

I have the sleepless after long runs/long hard runs too. I think it's got something to do with elevated core temp as I usually am cold but am warm in the evenings when this happens. Also I note my HR is a little elevated, needs to drop below a threshold before I can sleep. I try to cool myself down, take melatonin (and sometimes tylenol) but some nights it still gets me. Also may be caffeinated gels as I don't take much caffeine usually - though I may be stopping that brand of gel.

I LOVE the list of things I'm too old for! I need to work on 6 AGAIN. I've stopped caring what others think of how I look (I barely care myself some days....especially after big runs). I would like to let go of guilt, guilty pleasure and otherwise - I have guilt when there's no need.

I'm reminded for the second time in a week of the Anne Lamott essay where she goes shopping for a dress to wear on a (rare) date, accompanied by her friend Pammy who is battling cancer. Anne is doing the regular self-critical thing and asks if the dress makes her behind look big. Pammy looks at her and says, "Anne, you don't have time for that."

There's so much we don't have time for that we let edge out what we DO want to use our time for.

I'm also reminded of this moving piece about Sarah Sumpter, a tremendous young woman and promising athlete, lost to cancer...."Do Not Waste Good Time"

As a cancer survivor with cancer in the family, I try to keep in mind how grateful I am for the time I have, but I still have to keep reminding myself to stay focused on purpose and let everything else fall away.

My best to you!

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