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decorative gourd season

This is the first weekend I've had free in months.* I've celebrated by doing wacky things like baking bread


and making sauce. 

I also bought a significant number of apples, because I live in New York State where the apples are divine:


Macoun's are my favorite.

Today's grand plan, given that I have it off, included such fun activities as cleaning the house and culling the freezer. And then I looked outside. It's one of those glorious fall days that you know will soon pass. So I said screw the freezer, packed kids and dog in the car, and went for a hike.

Said kids and dog:


You can't get tired of this view:


Apparently the hike wore them out:


What I didn't get a picture of was Lucy celebrating the end of the hike by going for a swim in the pond, which meant a bath was in order when we got home. Good thing I'd cleaned the bathroom before we left.**

Now I'll tackle the freezer...


* It feels like months, anyway. Might only be a few weeks. I have problems with gauging time.

** and now need to clean it again.

shameless self promotion: part 347 in a series

I'm still struggling to recover from the race this weekend. On the upswing, mind you, and will be greatly helped out by the three-day weekend we're about to enjoy. And, yet, my body and brain keep giving up on the day far earlier than I might hope. Or maybe that's a result of the onset of Fall. Or both, come to think of it.

Regardless, I did manage to write about the Wineglass Half Marathon over at Another Mother Runner....