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Every year, my office hooks current business and economics students up with alumni who work in those fields in New York City. Usually, a couple of folks I work with go down to keep an eye on things. This year, I got to be one of them.

It was a quick trip -- down Thursday afternoon and back up Saturday morning -- but it's always great to be in the city, no matter how zippy the trip. While I'm nearly certain I couldn't live there*, I rock being a visitor. Give me a Metro Card and a vague plan and I'm good to go.


Sadly, I did not have time to go to Spandex World. Life is unfair.

I did get to go to Ernst & Young, Treasury Partners**, and Shawmut Construction.*** And while I have zero envy of our alumnus' jobs in those firms, I am thoroughly jealous of the views. 

Like this one:


Right? How could you get anything done?

That's the NY Public Library, btw, which is also where I snagged a cup o' joe and a snack. I also think this pattern for a sweater back:


We're planning to take the kids down in December as an early Christmas gift. The Boy, naturally, wants to go to the Nintendo store. I asked the Teen what she wanted to do and her response was, "New York City stuff."**** Which was less helpful. 

We'll likely go to the Museum of Natural History. What else do you think we should add to the list?


* unless I had bucket of money

** One of the students described the alumnus in question as a "total baller."

*** While they were at Bloomberg, which another co-worker handled, the students got to lay eyes on the former mayor. He's apparently even shorter than you'd think.

**** "So," I said, "Subway rats, Halal street food, and 'Gucci' bags?"


We're taking our kids to NYC on Dec 26. Broadway show tix are part of their Christmas presents.

For views, I prefer Top of the Rock over the Empire State Building since the view includes the ESB. The Central Park Zoo is a good 'un. Check and see if the Museum of TV and Radio (I feel like it has a different name now) has any exhibits you might want to check out.

There will be a lot of holiday markets in the parks. The one in Grand Central has the advantage of being indoors. Urbanspace Vanderbilt is relatively uncrowded around dinner (or before noon). At regular lunchtime, its insanely crowded.

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space:
Walking tours of the lower east side with the history of squatting and community gardens at a time when landlords were burning down buildings to collect the insurance.

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