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two down.

I spent all day yesterday either on the couch like this:


or unconscious in bed.*

My first thought was that one of the children had passed some dread illness along. But this morning the Boy woke up just as sick as I am -- and has added puke to the mix.** So I'm now thinking I might have picked something up on my trip to the city.

Upside: while I still have a ton of stuff I should be doing and will have to catch up on once I can function again, there is nothing crucial this week nor am in training for anything. 

The downside, of course, is everything else. 

If you are local, I'd suggest treating our house like a plague house and stay outside the perimeter. This bug is pretty awful and I can only bleach so much before I need another nap.


* HRH Lucy didn't know what to do with herself yesterday morning. She'd spend five minutes snuggled with me, then five by the door, then five in her crate, only to then repeat the cycle. Once I gave up on sitting on the couch and lay down in bed, she snuggled right up and napped with me. She groks naps more than one of her people being home in the morning.

** Honestly, today has not been my favorite day.


I hope you feel better very very soon.

Poor you. I find that I come down with something whenever I take a subway line I don't usually take. I'm not a hand sanitizer kinda gal, but I use it on public transportation. Something to keep in mind for your coming trip to our filthy city.

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