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many things make a post

politics and songs

On Saturday, I had to run up to Lafayette, NY, to fetch my kids.* Before I left, I downloaded the Hamilton soundtrack, which is something I kept meaning to do but never managed to actually, you know, do.** Because, life. 

The kids and I listened to more or less the whole album on the drive home. It was amazing. They were rapt; I was rapt. It really is all that it's been hyped to be. But a couple of things struck me, especially during this primary season, where divisiveness and hate seem to be winning the day. That's just what we do, as Americans. It's baked into the system. Each and every election is a chance to get all of the ideas out and look at 'em. Yeah, some of them are mean and bitter and small -- but you need to get all of it out there if any progress is going to be made. And we have made a heck of a lot of progress, even if it doesn't always feel like it. I've been able to vote for all of my adult life, for one, which is not what would have happened at the start of our country. 

Is progress slow? Yes. Do we regress sometimes? Of course. The long arc bends toward something better, I think. Even if it's ugly sometimes. 

There were other thoughts, too, like how this whole "independence from Britain" idea wasn't a sure thing. **** We don't appreciate enough how fraught and precarious that time was. The musical is a great reminder that our nation is what it is because of immigrants and we'd be much poorer if we forgot that. We still need the fresh energy. It's a feature, not a bug. 

I'm going to do my best to remember all of this as the election season goes on and on and on -- and immerse myself in the soundtrack when I need to. Which might be hourly, given the way it has gone, lately.


* Short version: my husband's folks live in Rochester, NY. Lafayette is about halfway between here and there. We use it as a rendezvous so that no one has to do the full 6-hour round trip drive. 

** Also: I was pushed over the edge by the casts' Grammy performance. Seriously. None more amazing. ***

*** Also, also: the woman in the pants with long, dark hair is one of said husband's former students. Someday, maybe, we'll manage to see her in it.

**** Had the same thought when I saw HBO's John Adams. 

adjust your schedules

No "many things... " post today. I am freshly back from an amazing weekend in Austin, TX (y'all), and haven't had a chance to pull it together. For what it's worth, today is "wear your medal to work" day.


Yes, I am as tired as I look and it was Worth. Every. Moment.

many things make a post

many things make a post

knocked out.

I still do knit. 

During the last AMR podcast, which was with the delightful Kristin Porter, I mentioned that I was knitting knockers. And, yes, the project is pretty much what you think it is. 

Lucy helped my ball up my yarn, which is CoBaSi (a cotton, bamboo, silk, and nylon blend (and I guess the name CoBaSiNy was taken?)) DK from the Makers Mercantile kit. Lucy helped me wind the ball.


She's very helpful.

And I started my knocker during an episode of Jessica Jones*:


A few days later, two knockers had been knocked out:


The one on top has been loosely stuffed with cotton balls. I intend to ship them flat but wanted to get an idea of what they'd look like. And, of course, I'll weave in that end. I'm not going for a whole stripper-tassel vibe, just got ahead of myself with the stuffing and picture taking.

The back:


The back opening is designed so that the wearer can customize the level of stuffing/firmness. 

(For those inclined to knit a few: it's an easy knit once you get the first few rounds down. One skein of CoBaSi(Ny) made two C-cup size, with a walnut of yarn left over. Additionally, if you are like me, this yarn will remind you why you don't tend to knit with cotton but that it is worth the finger strain for a good cause.)

Now I'm back to working on my endless Fair Isle scarf, which I'll get around to taking pictures of soon. Lord knows it won't be finished anytime soon. 


* Short review: the first few episodes are kind of meh. But when it picks up, holy sweet cowbells, is it good, so good that knitting is the only thing that keeps me from exploding from the narrative tension. ** Two warnings: NOT for kids and, if you have issues that trigger, pretty much all of them will be, including but not limited to needles in eyeballs. 

** David Tennant is so, so good. I know you don't need me to tell you that but he's even better than you think.