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Off to Cooperstown

Between the months of May and September, I try to pretend Cooperstown doesn't exist. It's just up the road from our house and full of fun things -- but all of the Baseball Hall of Fame stuff and the baseball camps and the lake tourists make the traffic a pain in the tush during the summer months. Still, the Fenimore Museum has a great exhibit (Ansel Adams, Whistler, and Toulouse-Lautrec) right now so we packed up and went.

And had a great time:


Since my Dad came with us, I rode in the middle back seat, between the Boy ...


... and the Teen. This might be one of my favorite pictures ever.


This one is close behind in my favorites folder.


Dad's on the porch. Can you see him?

'twas a great afternoon. And the traffic wasn't too bad - but you can tell that, like locusts, the crowds are coming. 


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