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many things make a post

qotd, with noseplugs

"You do not have to be from someplace other than Australia to be mystified by synchronized swimming, a sport that lies in the corner of the Twilight Zone where Kabuki opera meets advanced underwater survival. It may look as if the athletes are simply gesticulating emphatically, flinging themselves around in improbable aquatic configurations, and executing shockingly complex leg movements while upside down and not breathing. But that’s not the half of it."

-- Sarah Lyall on synchronized swimming

sewing with the Teen

At the start of the summer, shortly after the flyer showed up in the mail, I asked the Teen if she wanted to take a hand sewing class with me. To my surprise and delight, she said yes. And so on the hottest day of the summer, we drove up to Cooperstown to make drawstring bags. 


(Not a drawstring bag. I just liked the flower arrangement.)

For two hours, we did nothing but sew (and sweat). We talked a little but mostly just hung out. It was wonderful, made even more lovely by the knowledge that she'll be out and away before we know it. 


(This was the only picture she'd let me take of her, btw.)

You know how when you have infants and parents of older kids tell you to treasure these days because they go fast and really, more than anything, you kind of want to punch them because you are so tired and so ready to get a break from constantly dealing with babies? Yeah? 

Yeah. Once you get past that -- say right around 4th grade -- it really does go faster than you can imagine. It's amazing, really, and bittersweet. Sometimes, though, you can convince them to hang out with you, despite all of the other stuff that is in their lives.


(Our sewing instructor, whose name I knew at the time. But by the time we'd gotten home, it had flown out of my head, along with the story of these dolls. Sorry sewing instructor! You were great.)

I recommend finding that time, if you can, even if a hand-sewn drawstring bag is one of the last things you need.

many things make a post

qotd, when you put it like that

"So the healthy response would be to remain ignorant, or delusional?"

"Depends on how you define healthy. She'd certainly be happier."

"Until she winds up dead."

"That's true for everybody," said Keane, with a shrug.

-- The Big Sheep, Robert Kroese

Also: in the shameless self-promo department: a new podcast with me, Sarah Bowen Shea, and Janelle Hodovic talking about nutrition. Not only will you learn about food, you'll also learn about my inner ears! 

qotd: THIS.

"But for the love of all that is good and preventing of the apocalypse. Please. I know you’ll be mad at me as you go to that ballot. I will accept your side-eye. I am asking you to volunteer your vote as tribute, and you can cuss me out afterwards. I don’t care how much you do not like Hillary. Her as president and Trump as president are not the same. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME."

-- Awesome Luvvie, "The Devil is a Walking Cheeto."