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qotd, the gravy

"I am acutely aware of the fact I could spend seven years on a project that opens and closes in a night. That's the reality of my business. And I've had shows that've had nice long runs [In the Heights]. I've had shows that have closed within six months and moved on [Bring It On]. And so you have to have a reason that can't be success. Success is the gravy. Success is if everything goes well, wonderful. But you have to have a reason where if it opens and closes in a night, you go, "Well, I learned a lot, and I wouldn't trade it for the world." I think one of my biggest fears is regret. I would hate to spend seven years on something, and you did it for the wrong reasons."

- Lin Manuel-Miranda in his G.Q. interview.

qotd, do what now?

Priebus is a busy man, holding the party of Lincoln together and all, and I thanked him yet again for taking more time out of his packed schedule. Before concluding this Tuesday with Reince, I sought one final morsel of wisdom — something that might carry us forward into our next session.

He paused. “Don’t light fireworks that spark on a patio,” he said. Why? “Because they leave black marks that you can’t get off when you’re done.”

What does that mean?

“That’s for New York Times readers to figure out,” Priebus said, before vanishing back into the delirium. “It’s almost like a puzzle mystery.”

-- Tuesdays with Reince, Episode 1

many things make a post

I'm back from an a-maze-ing trip to Italy. Re-entry has been rough but we will all fuel the process with wonderful memories, a few of which will be shared once I recall which way up is. Until then:

many things make a post


  • Duck Soupmeglomaniacs, and the presidential campaign. Additionally, this might be my favorite Marx Brothers' movie.
  • I vote that we all wear this to work next Tuesday.
  •  The. Worst. People.
  • Chandra deserved better. (Also: while scores of movies/TV shows with female journalists show said journalists falling into bed with a source/subject, this former female journalist would like to re-iterated that that is a thing that almost never happens.