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many things make a post

many things make a post


  • Duck Soupmeglomaniacs, and the presidential campaign. Additionally, this might be my favorite Marx Brothers' movie.
  • I vote that we all wear this to work next Tuesday.
  •  The. Worst. People.
  • Chandra deserved better. (Also: while scores of movies/TV shows with female journalists show said journalists falling into bed with a source/subject, this former female journalist would like to re-iterated that that is a thing that almost never happens. 


"... giving too much power to, and projecting too much onto, a leader with deep-seated insecurities and a mercurial temperament is a surefire way to destabilize the national order." Remember Richard Nixon and our "...long national nightmare"? Funny how these unstable characters are both Republicans. Not that I am drawing any conclusion from that.

Here's what's especially odd about the shopping carts: one has to expend MORE effort to shove them onto parking barriers, etc., than it would take to put them back properly!

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