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road trip!

Rhinebeck is this weekend! It's like all of the great holidays rolled up into one big weekend if you're a knitter. Plus there is kettle corn and sheepdogs and apple dumplings and, hopefully, if they make it this year, the best falafel you have ever had. 

And this year, it'll also have me, if only for Saturday. I'll be helping Spirit Trail Jennifer make knitters and spinners happy. Come see me! Or, if not me, all of the other stuff! 

If you need help wrapping your head around the Rhinebeck experience, check out Ann and Kay's advice. Oh -- and they'll be there, too!


Oof. I'd SOOO love to make it one of these years. I have to remember to find out about it in advance and block out the weekend for a just-me weekend away.

It's always the second weekend in October. Always. Give it some thought....

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