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qotd, vindicating my parenting choices

AVC: Your daughter’s 9 years old now. What have you learned these last nine years that you would tell me as a father of an 8-month-old?

Anthony Bourdain: Never try to get your kid to eat anything she doesn’t already want to eat. Just eat interesting stuff in front of her while completely ignoring her. Never, ever suggest “try it.” Never say those dreaded words “try it, it’s good.” Or worse, “It’s good for you.” That’ll poison the well. Eat interesting foods in front of her. If he or she wants to eat grilled cheese, fine. Let them discover it on their own and it will be their own little triumph rather than something you convinced them to do.

-- from this AV Club interview with Bourdain about his new cookbook.

Also: some shameless promo -- I'm doing some work for the newly revamped Mason Dixon site. The first bit is now live. It's alive, I tell you!

Also also: more shameless promo -- I'm on the Another Mother Runner podcast this week. SBS and I talked to the almighty Heather "Dooce" Armstrong about running, parenting, and depression. 

Also also also: I think I just realized why I've been so tired lately ...


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