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many things make a post

lemons = cashmere

Every now and again -- if by "now and again" you read "every few minutes" -- I ask myself "why am I not in Italy right now?" All of my answers, while sensible, are highly unsatisfying. I mean, seriously? Why am I not in Italy right now?

For when those moments surface, I've made wee little neck warmer from yarn purchased at Chianti Cashmere in Tuscany

Before I get to the pictures of the finished item, a brief flurry of photos from the trip:


The Teen, with two goats.


The Boy, feeding Jellybean. 


Jellybean and my legs. I was in her way and she's very shy.


Nora Kravis, whose goats they are.

For the scarf, I used the Madison scarf pattern, needles of some size I can no longer remember, and about two weeks:


The beads are from a long ago trip to Prague:


The color is more true in the top picture. Cameras are weird. 

So that's what's making me happy this week, even though I am most decidedly not in Italy right now.



many things make a post

I likely don't need to say this but, if you are a U.S. citizen, go vote. Seriously.

I just got back from doing so. Fortunately, once I got out of my house, there were no stairs between my polling place and me. Because, you know, I just ran the New York City Marathon. Like one does. NBD.*

There will be more on the marathon later -- I'm a little tired, y'all -- but, for now, the one picture I took while on the course, somewhere in Brooklyn. Because you should always stop to take a selfie with a person in a banana costume.



* Totally a BD.