shameless self-promotion, nebraska edition
shameless self promotion, 427 in a series

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I see Asma Khalid is from Crown Point. I know it very well. I was engaged to a boy from Crown Point for 9 yrs. For some it is a Chicago Suburb (as long as you don't mind driving the hr into the city, and many many folks don't) most used to work in the steel mills. Some still do. Yup. I know where she was raised and I get it. There is this sense of being a neighbor, and being friendly. But the thing that gets me is that they really aren't. And I am startled by it just as often as she was.

One of the reasons that I check in here is that you include things that make me cry (like Asma Khalid's piece) and things that make me laugh till I cry (like the fancy butter article). Thanks--in the new year, we are going to need both these things more than ever.

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