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The Albany airport is our airport of choice. It's big enough to have a decent selection of flights but not so big that the trip from gate to baggage claim ever takes more than ten minutes. Also: it has therapy pets. I've stopped to pet a few dogs over the years we've lived in this area.

The four of us just got back from Florida. On our way out, we met this guy:


His name's Murphy and he's a Newf. The kids loved him:


I did, too, but adopting a Murphy would require an addition on the house. 

We also met this guy:


His name is Bacon Bits. Because of course it is. 


I work for an agency that supports people with developmental disabilities in Schenectady NY and Bacon Bits has come to visit one of our programs. Everyone loves it when Bacon Bits comes to visit. I am so glad that you got to have the experience! After this past year, it is nice to have something just like this to smile at. Happy Holidays!!!

That is wonderful. Bacon Bits seems like a good pig to know, you know?

Therapy dogs at the airport?! Real;y, there should be therapy dogs everywhere -- dentists' offices (actually, I think I read about that somewhere), waiting rooms, loan offices, school counselors' offices, DMV offices, jails, battered women's shelters... I could go on.

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