shameless self-promotion, 2016 in a series
shameless self-promotion, $1 in a series

knitting your protest

I've spent the last two weeks knitting pink pussyhats. I don't plan to wear them to the Women's March on Washington myself, not because of a lack of desire but because I'll be 30,000 feet in the air when the march is marching. But I do have two friends going....







The yarn is Valley Yarns Goshen (in Bright Pink, just in case you couldn't work out the color). I didn't want to use the called for wool because I know that at least one of the women I'm knitting for is a delicate flower who gets itchy from sheep-based yarns. I messed about with the stitch count, too, because my first hat seemed a little big and, um, floppy. Which is likely not what one wants from a pussyhat.

All three hats will go to the march, though. I'm sure there will be someone willing to wear the spare.

For a pattern and more info, click here.


Nice looking pussyhats there!
Although (like you) I can't be there in person, I've outfitted 4 fabulous women with pussyhats who'll ride the bus 12 hours each way to march on January 21. Can't wait to see pix from D.C.

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