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Eric Assaduria is fully right! Why should he go and fuck himself, if I may ask?

"Assadourian" of course.

I don't disagree with the premise -- that every single baby should be breast fed. I do think that sort of intellectual purity will turn in to just another way to legislate what women can and cannot do. As it stands right now, breastfeeding and working full-time is, at best, challenging, if not impossible. Until those spaces are better configured for moms, I don't know that the change can be made. Assadourian doesn't seem to really be engaging with how society needs to change to better accommodate breastfeeding. Instead, he's equating formula with tobacco, which is a disingenuous argument at best.

Der Adrienne,
I see, you are pointing on the lack of maternity leave and on the whole "working as a Mother/Family"-issue. Your right, that is a huge problem!

Erik Assadourian is also not fully right. My breastfed-until-1 years-old-baby has never slept well while my formula-fed-from-3-months-old-on-with-formula-supplementation-from-birth baby slept like a log from the second week of his life on. One of my close friend's is similarly battling 9 months of sleepless nights with her breastfed baby. She keeps getting sick because her immune system is compromised from breastfeeding and lack of sleep, just like mine was with my breastfed baby. Every time she gets sick, her milk supply plummets and she feels like she is failing her kid. It also affects her work attendance. And for what? Perhaps there is more to the story. And perhaps women who can't breastfeed don't want to trust their kid's well-beings to some other woman, who may or may not have communicable diseases that can be passed through breastmilk to HER child. Perhaps a woman (and her partner) should have a say in how her child is fed and Erik Assadouriancan help decide how his child is fed and leave the rest of us alone.

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