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qotd, rise up

"Trump likes to talk about leading a "movement" because he galvanized just enough disillusioned, credulous voters to eke out a victory in the Electoral College over an opponent nearly as unpopular as he is.

But he's about to see what a real movement looks like."

-- Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune

And also: 

"But don’t you see, Scalzi? All of this is distraction from their true mastermind evil plans! Folks, you realize that needing these jackasses to be masterminds is a form of vanity, yes? We couldn’t have possibly chosen to be ruled by custard-headed bigots who can’t find their asses with GPS and an Eagle Scout! They must be smarter than that! Well, no, they’re really not, and yes, we really did. There are lots of ways to explain that — I favor the whole “the GOP’s decades-long plan to undermine its voters’ dedication to truth and public institutions really paid off” angle of things personally — without having to haul out the 11-dimensional chess board."

-- John Scalzi

actual knitting content: shiny!

I love knitting with beads. Really, really. I mean, not all of the time, certainly, but playing around with shiny stuff is always a nice break. 

Which is why I knitted a necklace:


It came as a kit from Earthfaire. The hardest part, frankly was threading the beads onto the silk yarn. The rest zipped right along.

I love it - but it is a little much for routine office wear. Anyone have a gala I can crash?