qotd, not how you run a business
qotd, for your earholes

qotd, can I get an amen?

"After RuPaul’s keynote (the final event of the con), one 19-year-old girl summoned the courage to go up in front of hundreds of fellow fans and ask her idol, through so many sobs we could barely understand her, “How do you wake up in the morning and tell yourself you’re beautiful?”

It was a startling moment, but one I’ve come to expect from Drag Race fans after watching, loving, and researching the show’s larger impact for years. The series has always leaned into the human ache to find self-acceptance, and it came up again and again throughout DragCon."

-- Caroline Framke at Vox on RuPaul's Drag Race, a show that both my daughter and I love. My Queen-of-choice will always be Bianca Del Rio, btw. Bob the Drag Queen is a close second.


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