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I still knit, btw. 

Way back in November, shortly before I was planning to run the New York City marathon, my Best Running (and Knitting) Pal Lisa gave me a skein of yarn for luck. It was Manos del Uruguay Algeria, a mostly wool blend, in a gorgeous blue, which she was trying to match to the race’s colors. 

I hemmed and hawed to do my best to match yarn to pattern. Eventually, I did. 


The pattern is Louise Zass-Bangham’s Song of the Sea. I had to adapt it a little bit -- only one row of the tiny waves -- because I ran out of yarn. No matter, it is still big enough to wear doubled as a cowl.


Thanks again, Lisa! Yarn is always the best gift.


I love that pattern, but the tiny waves defeated me. Eventually I will try again.

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