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When you live in this part of the Northeast, winter is always coming. So we knit hats (and scarves and cowls and gloves) throughout the year because they are always needed. Especially when you have children with a knack for forgetting where they’ve left them. Which is all children.


The pattern is Caramel Brûlée. The yarn is “spectral” from Spirit Trails Fiberworks and is all that. Seriously. The pompom came with the yarn and is really the main reason I wanted to make the hat. I love a good pompom. 

Hat is now in the strategic hat reserve, where it will wait to be deployed.


I didn't know there were kits WITH poms. So much for using stash...

Cool pattern! I like your photos better than the ones on the pattern page, since it sort of slouches and emphasizes the lines spiraling up. Thanks for the new view, and congrats on the knitting ahead plan.

Jen at Spirit Trail will put a kit together for you if you ask. She also might have them at Rhinebeck....

I didn't realize how strong the spiral was until I saw it in the light while taking the picture! That pattern isn't well served by its pictures, imo.

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