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And so I ask.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I’m running for public office -- the Otsego County District 12 seat.* A couple of people asked where their donations to the campaign should be sent. At the time, I had no answer, because campaign finance laws are challenging.

I have an answer now. Send donations here! I’ll take any amount you can spare! You can also sign up for a mailing list while you're there.

Also: ff you are local, free on Sunday, and like pie, either comment or send an email. We're holding a listening session/fund-raiser in the afternoon and I'd love to see you.

Thanks for your support.



* Or, at least, I think I mentioned it but can’t find a link to that blog post. But I did, yes?**

** If I didn't -- I'm running for the Otsego County District 12 seat, which represents Wards 3 and 4 in Oneonta. The "why" part is simple: because rather than complaining that someone should do something about the state of our government, I've admitted that I am somebody and can act. 


Way to go! We need more women in government, especially thoughtful women like you.

If I can't vote for you at least I can support you. You go and win this race!! Linda

May the force be with you!

Go, you! I served 6 years (3 terms) on our county board. While I won't say it was exactly fun -- especially the finance committee meeting that lasted until 1:30 am when we FINALLY got the budget to work -- it was extremely interesting. I know a lot more about government now. fwiw, I found the best deals on yard signs on eBay.

Are you running against an incumbent? That's tough unless said incumbent did something really bad. I see your board is nearly as predominantly male as ours. We need more female voices in government!

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