shameless self-promotion, 2017 in a series
qotd, while Trump might kill us all, this, at least, came out of it

many things make a post


You didn't just make it in to the poem, you got a whole couplet to yourself! Congratulations.

Okay, you know what? I confess. I'm not always up to date on Martinimade, and this is exactly why: I clicked on here to just bring myself up to speed with my friend's innermost thoughts and links and the next thing I know two-and-a-half hours have been borked right out from under me, and I don't yet know the truth about Jace (?) and Natalie/Judith and Henry, and the MDK poem is epic (and now I'm humming their "Pardon Me ..." song, which is fecken' brilliant), so I might as well go to the shelter where I can collect a pooch who will dig a hole for me to curl up with Neil Gaiman ... and ... and ... and ... I really need to get to the store today. At some point.

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