many things make a post
many things make a post

qotd, while Trump might kill us all, this, at least, came out of it

"Michael Wolff’s new book Fire and Fury (President Postliterate Bestwords is waiting on either the audio book or for Kellyanne to organize tableaux vivants of the various chapters) is blowing Washington apart today, and the biggest rift is between Trumpism and Bannonism. I’ve written before about the inevitable, tragic dynamic of this brokeback bromance; Trump needs a mindless cheering section screaming hosannas no matter how often he stumbles toward the nuclear and political precipice. Bannon needs an avatar for his Alt-Reich national socialist—oh, sorry, I meant populist—fantasies." 

-- Rick Wilson over at The Daily Beast on Bannon's ouster. It's a shame that we are all going to die in a nuclear hellscape because Wilson's work is deft and sly and I wouldn't mind reading more of it. Ah, well.


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