many things make a post
many things make a post

real women move


My first exposure to Skirt Sports was a random post about a kickstarter for a “Gotta Go” skirt, which was a skirt with compression shorties underneath that also had a flap for those moments when you just, um, gotta go. As a runner who has had more of those moments than I am comfortable sharing, I couldn’t resist. 

I followed along as Skirt Sports founder (and Ironman) Nicole DeBoom worked out the design. There were videos. The words “labial freedom” were used. I knew this was a company I’d love. 

Whenever the weather lets me, I run in their High Five, because it doesn’t ride up, looks cute, and has more pockets than even I know what to do with. I’m wearing it in the picture above, which was snapped by a great friend during the NYC marathon in 2016. I spent the first 14 mile of the race with a fleece hat jammed in one of the pockets, btw. You can see it in my left hand as I was about to hand it off to my daughter. 

I thrilled and honored to be chosen to be a Skirt Sports Ambassador for 2018. It’s a company built by women who knows that #realwomenmove. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro athlete or a middle-to-back-of-the-pack’er. All you need to do is move. 

If you want to try them out - no pressure - you can save 15% on non-sale merch with the code “560MART.” 

And, no, I’m not gonna be all Skirt Sports all the time. I just really do love the product, the company, and their moxie. 


Love Skirt Sports! Love, love, love! Congrats!

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