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"Mr. Trump has definitely, positively never, ever, ever had gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, the French, Spanish, or English pox, crabs, genital lice, crotch-crickets, Bulgarian junk-rot, the Weeping Cobra, the Gift that Keeps On Giving, Studio 54 Stall Surprise, or Bangkok Fire-Dick. Mr. Trump’s noted fidelity to his wives should put to rest all of these scurrilous rumors. In fact, our laboratory research shows that contact with Mr. Trump’s magnificent body kills all forms of STDs, and also cures scrofula, vertigo, blindness, sleep apnea, and the Jimmy Leg."

-- "BREAKING From Trump’s ‘Doctors’: Most Remarkable Physical Specimen of All Time!" by Rick Wilson. You really need to read the whole thing. It is magnificent.


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