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Because I have a couple of work-related projects that I’m waiting to hear more about, I’ve been cleaning out the craft closet. And, as luck* would have it, there were a couple of UFOs** that could be quickly FO’d. You’ll be seeing them this week (and maybe next, given how slowly decision-makers make decisions in July and August).


Prairie Fire pullover in Spirit Trail Birte*** with omnipresent corgi.**** I cast on after I saw someone else’s Prairie Fire at Rhinebeck and have to have one of my own. Conveniently, I was a Spirit Trail Booth Wench all weekend and knew where I could get some tasty, tasty yarn. Fun pattern; yummy fiber. Total win. 

However, I’m going to have wait to really wear it because it’s so blooming humid here. But maybe it’ll cool off by Rhinebeck time? I’ll be in the booth again....


* not luck because this is a thing I do, apparently

** UnFinished Objects

*** I think. The ball band has vanished.

****next band name   


gorgeous. Both you and the sweater.

LOVE it. Now *I* have to buy some Spirit Trail and make one.

Super cute on you!

Aw. You guys are sweet. It was a fun knit and I love Spirit Trail yarns!

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