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mittens for you

This scheme was provoked by Rachael Herron, a writer and knitter who offered up on Instagram a pair of hand knitted socks for three lucky folk. All potential winners need to do is register to vote and/or register others to vote in November’s election. 

What a great idea, I thought. But didn’t know how to jump on the bandwagon because I’m pretty sure that everyone I come into contact with is already registered* already. And then I had an idea.

In January of last year, I bought the pattern for Bristol Ivy’s Peace de Resistance mittens. I fully intended to have knitted them by now -- but, um, haven’t. I’d like to, though. PLUS I’d like to knit them to further a cause. I have a tendency to do this with mittens.

They look like this when finished:


(I contacted Ms Ivy and she’s cool with my plan, btw. My plan is also partisan. We can get into a larger discussion about why I’m #TeamNotRepublican later, if you’d like. My leanings, however, have never been hidden.)

If you’d like to have a pair o’ resist mittens knitted for you in your choice of colors, here’s what you need to do:

1) Go to The Last Weekend, which is sponsored by Swing Left. 

2) Register to do something. 

3) Come back here and comment that you’ve committed to doing something. 

4) On August 15, I’ll randomly draw a name and knit ‘em some mittens.

5) There is no five. Only four steps are required. 

Sound like a plan? 



* RIGHT?!? 


great idea!

I’m in!

I signed up. (It's kinda cheating, though. As co-chair of our county Dem party, I will already be door knocking and phone calling and letter writing and recruiting and training others to do the same.)

I signed up!

Signed up! Kinda cheating as well because I'm pretty much working/volunteering organizing for environmental and voting rights 24/7 til November... but I'll help out at least with something they send my way.

Mentioned this on Twitter but these mittens are *awesome*, and if you make them with flaps so folks organizing can use clipboards/pens or tablets/smartphones (then flip them back to stay warm) I'd love to gift em! (As a old school organizer, snaps > buttons > velcro 🙂)


Signed up - great idea!

I signed up! Am still figuring out how to do *anything* with a 6yo in tow, but it's a work in progress.

I didn't sign up because I am already so cross-connected within my local democrats that sometimes I get a call from phonebank for which I am also volunteering. They will definitely call me and tell me what they need. But I can show proof that I went door-to-door to register voters in the searing North Carolina heat last week! Also - those are some fabulous mittens.

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