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"National media misperceptions to the contrary, this will not look like a far-left reinvention of Tea Partiers or a continuation of Bernie 2016. It will look like retired librarians rolling their eyes at the present state of affairs, and then taking charge. And it will happen first and foremost in the suburbs, those middle-class, Middle-American spaces that grew up alongside a generation—the Baby Boomers—whose last act of generational transformation may just have arrived."

-- “Middle America Reboots Democracy” by Lara Putnam and Theda Skocpal


There's a deep laziness behind the journalistic trope that the reaction to Trump is analogous to the Tea Party.

I have a lot of first impressions. But even if it's just Facebook or blog, I try to dig a little to see if there's substance behind them before I hit "Post".

Is that too much to ask of people who gets paid to do journalism?

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