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this time, I sew

I am a huge fan of the souvenir craft project. Sometimes, it involves yarn bought at, say, a delightful shop in Portland or beads bought in Prague. Not only will the finished object always remind me of the trip, working on it will, too. Couple that with my Liberty Tana Lawn problem* and the reality that one of the few items sold by their London shop that I can afford are pillow kits....


This pillow lives in my work office. I picked up a kit when I presented a lecture years ago in Cambridge at Anglia Ruskin** and spent an extra day kicking around London. Sometimes, life is pretty sweet.


I finished this little guy over the weekend. He lives on our window seat (for now). It's a souvenir from our February trip to Edinburgh and London that I finally got around to putting together. I can't look at it without remembering the Teen and I having a blast in Liberty; then getting moderately (and amusingly) lost in Soho. Again, life can be sweet.

Tomorrow I'll have a project-to-be that you won't be able to resist.**


* we all have our vices. Some are just more obscure than others.

** Sometimes, I have to brag. It'll pass.

*** The corgi enjoys eating my throw pillows, which is why the blue one is in my campus office where no corgis tread. She hasn't munched one for at least a year but I'm totally ready to move the purple one up on campus, too, if it will extend its life.

****I chose this word carefully


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