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I’d be lying if I said things weren’t a little chaotic with a new, pony-sized doggo in the house. He and the corgi have had a few teeth-bared and all-the-growling arguments (one of which ended with her entire head in his mouth, which shaved about a decade off of my life) but then lay down together for naps so it seems to just be a part of figuring out the pack order. My bets are on the corg coming out on top. Though she be but little, she is fierce. And stubborn. And bossy.

As for Lobo, he’s taking it in stride:


I’m starting to think about writing a children’s book. It would be about how hard it is to adjust to a new sibling, especially when that new sibling seems to take up all the space (both literal and emotional) in the house. Anyone good at drawing dogs?

Also: I may need to up my vacuuming routine.

In other news, my latest Dry Martini column, which contains no dogs but does involve pictures of the beach


Can you get this children's book written ASAP? My almost 22 month old could use it as she adjusts to her 2 week old brother. She loves dogs too!! 😁

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