Izzy Bird, so many sneks
Izzy Bird, hard, greedy life

Izzy Bird, impressing her hosts

Isabella is still waiting for the stars to align so that she can make the trip to Estes Park. It looks like it will happen the next day.*

She is staying with the Chalmers family and trying to make herself agreeable. It doesn’t go well. She offers to help with the washing up — but Mrs C, with a look which conveyed more than words, a curl of her nose, and a sneer in her twang, said ‘guess you’ll make more work nor you’ll do. Those hands of yours’ (very coarse and brown they were) ‘ain’t no good; never done nothing, I guess.’” This is, Isabella notes, the only time she’s seen Mrs C almost laugh.

Isabella has risen in their estimation, if only a little, by improvising an oil lamp with some kitchen fat and a scrap of fabric. So there’s that.

“Another advance was made by means of the shell-pattern quilt** I am knitting for you. There has been a tendency towards approving of it, and a few days since the girl snatched it out of my hand, saying, ‘I want this,’ and apparently took it to the camp. This has resulted in my having a knitting class, with the woman, her married daughter, and a woman from the camp, as pupils.”

Which just goes to show the power that knitting holds.

She impressed the men in camp by catching and saddling a horse. Would that these were the only two skills one needed in life to win friends and influence people.

* spoiler alert: it doesn’t.

** I know what you’re thinking. I’m pretty sure she’s using “quilt” to describe size, not sewing.


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