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Interlude #4

The wildest* story about Isabella I’ve yet found:**

“[Isabella] had taken a cab from the railway station, and while driving out of the gate received on her lap a small parcel of advertisements, which, as was usual then, were thrown in at the open window. Putting it on the seat in front of her, she noticed another parcel lying, evidently left by the former ‘fare.’ She opened it, and found papers inside giving details of a plot to assassinate a member of the Cabinet at the approaching funeral of the Duke of Wellington.*** She had scarcely put them into her pocket, when she heard a voice stopping the cab and a dark-couloured foreign-looking man addressed her at the window. He asked if a parcel had been found in the carriage. At once she handed him the little bundle of advertisements, and after a minute’s progress bade the driver hasten to the Home Office where she insisted upon seeing the Minister, in whose hands she placed the papers. So serious did the matter appear to the Home Office that, while she remained in London a detective was posted there to guard her against the vengeance of those whose plans she had frustrated.”



* Cannot possibly be true, imo, for a variety of reasons that will become clear.

** This is told by Anna Stoddart, Isabella’s first biographer, as found in Palser Havely’s book.

*** like one does.


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