Izzy Bird, the snow falls
Izzy Bird, on the move

Izzy Bird, baching it

Evans has offered Isabella $6 a week if she will stay into the winter and cook because Mrs. Edwards* will hightail it to the city soon.
It creates a quandary — but it’s hard to tell how serious of one. Isabella thinks it could be a lark to stay on but would prefer to ride after cattle than to be chained to the kitchen. “I think I should like playing at being a ‘hired girl,’” she says, “if it were not for the bread-making!”
The men in camp don’t care for “‘baching,’** as they call it in the wilds — i.e. ‘doing for themselves.’ They washed and ironed their clothes yesterday, and there was an incongruity about the last performance.”
Isabella does believe that she’ll leave tomorrow, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The weather is moderate and the snow has evaporated, as it does in such a dry place. Reports suggest the trail passable. Odds are good she’ll make it out of Estes Park at sunrise.
* current cook
** my mom used this term, too.


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