Izzy Bird, 11 miles and a dead mule
Izzy Bird, 150 miles

many things make a post

  • I had the honor to see a couple of these pins in person. These women endured so much for something we take for granted.
  • An answer to a question I didn't know I had.
  • This diorama scared the bejeezus out of me every time I visited the museum as a kid. Maybe I was just picking up on the bad vibes?
  • How gender (and race) shape our politics (and everything).
  • I had the honor of logging my miles with a team of BAMRs.
  • A friend from Knoxville sent this link to a short doc about Kentucky state legislator Attica Scott, who is leading a fight to pass a bill decriminalizing natural hair. Attica and I both wrote for the same newspaper back in the day (but never met each other in person) and it is so great to see what she's doing now.  
  • When the minimum wage doesn't ever change, this is exactly what will happen. Don't even say these people should pick themselves up by their bootstraps. They don't even have boots.


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