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My beloved husband just had a birthday. And I faced the same problem I've faced for a few years now: when you've been married for a very long time, you run out of unique-and-heartfelt-and-just-right gifts to give. What he most wants, I suspect, is a trip where he can golf someplace new.* But circumstances being what they are ....

Said beloved husband also loves otters, which is a much longer story but, seriously, who doesn't love otters? Otters are the best. When I spotted this fabric** at Hart's, I knew I needed to make something for him out of it. My sewing skills are decent enough to make big rectangles and the occasional sleeveless top. He does not need a sleeveless top. I did briefly ponder a pillowcase but, I mean, does a pillowcase really say "I love you. Please have more birthdays?" NO. No, it does not.

Then the light bulb when off: we are entering prime comfy pants season in a year of wearing comfy pants three-quarters of the time. Beloved husband needs otter pants. And, lo. Otter pants would be made.

So I found a pattern on the internet -- please don't tell me lounge pants are super easy and no one should ever buy a pattern for them because I cannot just freestyle sewing -- and ordered it. Only I didn't absorb all of the details of it before I started to cut the fabric. It was way more complicated than I'd anticipated.


It had a real button-fly with drawstrings and elastic -- and I'd never before sewn two of those things.


And a new-to-me type of pocket. 

But it all seems to have ended well enough:


(Beloved husband had just come in from mowing the grass*** and wasn't prepared for a photo shoot)

Hopefully, he'll be able to go away for his birthday next year. The upside of this year, however, is that I had the time to spend stretching my brain to learn some new skills. Are these particularly useful skills? Not really, given that I spent twice as much time and money than I would have had I just bought comfy pants for him. However, it's good to test the old gray cells every now and again. 


* (not code)

** now if I can find an otters-and-golf fabric, I'll have Christmas sorted.

*** (still not code)


May I poke you to send me which pattern you used?? And also please give my happiest of birthday hugs to him. As I feel hugs are beneficial right now.

The pattern was this one: https://www.amazon.com/Simplicity-Creative-Patterns-US8519A-Sleepwear/dp/B0776ZQZHW/ref=sr_1_16?dchild=1&keywords=Simplicity+Creative+Patterns&qid=1602445739&sr=8-16

And the hug has been delivered....

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