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Izzy Bird, storms

Izzy Bird, Jim's story part 2

Isabella is still listening to Jim’s story.

He spent years as an Indian Scout, each more bloody than the last. “As an armed escort of emigrant parties he was evidently implicated in all the blood and broil of a lawless region and period, and went from bad to worse, varying his life by drunken sprees, which Brough nothing but violence and loss.”

The narrative jumps then, according to Isabella.* Jim picks up when he is on a homestead in Missouri and would soon move to Colorado. Once in Colorado, he made a squatter’s claim and has 40 head of cattle in addition to his trapping business. “…. but envy and vindictiveness are raging within him. He gets money, goes to Denver, and spends large sums in the maddest dissipation, making himself a terror … and when the money is done returns to his fountain den, full of hatred and self-scorn, till next time.”

And, there, his tale is done.

* and she’s not so naive as to not know that the lapse likely involves drinking and violence and, possibly, the law.


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