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Izzy Bird, "ginger" bread

Isabella is still in the cabin in Estes Park. Today’s entry is also a long one and concerns “the boy,” who is the lodger who was forced upon them.
Before his arrival, Isabella made a cake. She’d intended to use dried ginger but instead used cayenne.* She put half of the cake in the cupboard and promptly forgot about it.**
“During the night we heard a commotion in the kitchen and much choking, coughing, and groaning, and at breakfast the boy was unable to swallow food with his usual ravenousness. After breakfast he came up to me whimpering, and asking for something soothing for his throat, admitting he had seen the “gingerbread,” and “felt so starved” in the night that he got up to eat it.”
This only begins to demonstrate how not honorable the boy is. What might vex Isabella more is his poetry. He showed them some published pieces and “in one there are 20 lines copied without alteration from Paradise Lost; in another there are two stanzas from Resignation…he lent me an essay by himself, called “The Function of a Novelist,” which is nothing but a mosaic of unacknowledged quotations.”
She goes on to list the number and variety of things he has eaten on the sly and how he will read any letter left unattended, but “the plagiarism and want of honor are disgusting, and quite out of keeping with his profession of being a theological student.”***
* who amongst us?
** again: who amongst us?
*** BURN


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