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comfort knitting

I do still knit, FYI, but mostly simple projects while watching TV.


My default is the Hitchhiker scarf, so chosen because a) it's just interesting enough and b) it lets me use the random skeins of sock yarn in my stash. This random skein is Countess Ablaze's Rebel Fingering in "Make Do and Mend." If I could only buy this particular yarn for the rest of my life? I'd be perfectly content. The merino/yak/silk blend is perfection and the Countess' colo(u)rs are divine. 

This Hitchhiker is modeled by my oldest kid, whose outfit -- a romper she calls her clown suit -- matches more than I'd imagined. 

I have two Hitchhikers without homes on my TBD shelf. In the past, I've sent them out to folks who make a donation to Fair Fight, because without equal access to the ballot box, you don't have a democracy. If you'd be interested, send an email or leave a comment....


That is so pretty! Somehow I haven't made Hitchhiker yet, but I really ought to try it some time.

They really are great fun to knit.

I second the support for Fair Fight! Also love Hitchhiker pattern - uneventful but so rewarding and perfect for long meetings or TV.

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