It's all your fault.

Oh, hey. I knit stuff.

I know, I know. Long time, etc. General Bedlam* has kept me from writing about knitting, even though I have been. 


This is Humulus, which I started in August and finished-finished this week. I love this pattern and this yarn.** I'm not as in-love with the size I chose to knit. It's not awful, mind, but I was thinking of sweater that was more weekend-y and slouch-y and less fitted. It's my own fault for not swatching (I know. Don't say it.) but I enjoyed the process so much that I might just knit another one more to my liking. Stay tuned.


I do have Marty Feldman eyes. Why do you ask?


* and his Captains Chaos and Clusterfuck

** Berroco Ultra Wool DK


Who's eyes is Marty Feldman using?

That yoke look fabulous! I am having the same problem with my jumpers (I blame perimenopause). I now do 3 things in order of increasing effort to help get the extra slouch.
1. Do a split ribbed hem
2. Change to a bigger needle after the bust
3. Go up a size after the yoke
Before you start again, just rip out the hem and re knit as 2 halves, that maybe just enough!

Superwash grows when you block it? It’s a beautiful sweater, even if it’s not quite what you had imagined.

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